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#1 05.08.2017 15:59


"Unique"~Allods Remedy~ Server 4.0-8.0. Join the Battle !!



Hi everybody do you want play on a unique Allods-server? Then you are right here!

What awaits you?

* good server performance without freezes and lags !

* unique self made stuff like the new pet system and new battlegrounds !

* low prices in the gameshop with good paymentsystem !                 

* new mounts from newer versions of the game like lightning bolt !

* new costumes from newer versions !

* very nice farmlocation for gold and other nice stuff !

* constantly new patches/fixes and new unique changes !

* balanced classes !

* very helpful english support !

* nice community
all infos about the project

So lets go,give it a try! It is worth !

Link for registration


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