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Bacteria 2 v2.01
written and tested by: Ronny
The shocking elements first: Bacteria 2 was made using "GameMaker" and as a looser of the PISA-studies this game isn’t something for you ;D

Not undeterred from this aspects? Gooood! For Bacteria 2 is providing puzzle-fun for young and the young at heart (regardless of female or male).

What to do? On a playground it is essential to capture some pellets with arrows in them. Clicking at such an arrow, it will turn around a "quarter clock" (90 degree clockwise) and then all blocks connected to this pellet will be inked in the players color. Although it’s as simple as that the AI-opponent is not to be underestimated. Even playing the easy difficulty a portion of practise is necessary for gain a win ;D.

If the AI-opponent is operating a way too clever or if you got bored you can match yourself with a human counterpart in the multiplayer mode of Bacteria 2 (using TCP/IP, Lan and I-Net). In arcade-mode you can again pit your strength against the AI-opponent but this time confronted with bombs and other specialblocks.

For controlling only a mouse is necessary: clicking an own pellet rotates it clockwise for 90° and after this action the opponents turn begins. Functions like fullscreen, music on/off etc. can be accessed via symbols but also the keyboard can be used for reaching this options.

Well, there’s nothing to complain about when consider the graphics: clear gfx with nice effects, a tidy interface and good performance on older PCs too.

The one and only problem of Bacteria 2 is the music, although it is bearable in the beginning the shallow tootle is bothering soon and therefore you will mute it soon. For rapid remarking of the sound effects the derisive laughings will provide you with caprice in multiplayer-matches.

Update von v2.0 auf v2.01: einige Bugs wurden behoben.
last update: 25.03.2005

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