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#1 29.10.2016 13:52


NEW: "Allods Crazy"PvP 4.0.02 !


"Allods Crazy"- International Server PvP Allods Online : Version 4.0.02

We welcome you, the next player on our server. We are pleased to introduce our server version AO game 4.0.02!

                      service settings

                             - Drop x2
                             - Roll x2
                             - Reputation x20

What you get:

·         Good server performance - playing without lags and friezes!

·         Competent staff administrators and developers!

·         Technical support !(english and russian)

·         Weekly updates and hot fixes!

·         Cheap donate!

·         Game events: contests, pvp tournaments and much more!

short list of features:
- General Asse-Teph location for the League and the Empire!

- Large-scale fighting zone and nothing more!

- New game items!

- Large-scale PvP opening event and astral battles!

- Development of new battle ground, astral, and so on!

The administration will always work together and listen to the views of players for updates. You can always work with us to improve the server!


the exact date for the opening called in the forum soon!

See you soon!

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