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State Of February: Networking Rulez :-p

Ok, for not creating the impression of doing nothing: Hein/Michael is sending new versions of TVGigant in nearly regular periods.

With everyone of those compilates I see tears of joy running out of my eyes wrinkles ;D

What's going on at the moment? Uhm, for Hein has restarted programming TVG in BlitzBasic  he now first has to restruct everything to the functionality of the old versions. But at the moment the notable improvement is the networkability.

The version he sent me today everything seems to function properly. Characters are walking through the house and the clients all have the same situation on their screen.

The new elevator (coz you complained about the former one to be to "modern". So I placed myself in front of my Paint Shop and made the cassic elevator one) is doing the things as it has to do ;D - "elevator-guests" are recognizeable and I hope the "problem" is not any longer.

About the less newsposting: As long as my moving is not too complex I think you could read some more posts in the next time than now. Up to easter-holidays there'll be a new demoversion. Hein has proposed so and actually it seems to me that the aims for this version will be fulfilled - and some more things will be included (not only Features of the DUS-demo + networkingability).

bye Ron



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