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15.04.2024 00:43

If it was in the settings then it would be "official" which will probably have the mentioned legal implications.

Yes you have to manually edit the XML files and swap the respective XML tags and attributes. https://www.gamezworld.de/phpforum/viewtopic.php?pid=90431#p90431

13.04.2024 18:57

Yeah, I noticed the original data is in there but without manually editing the files I'm not sure there's a way to use it.  Perhaps a 'use original movie titles' setting could be added to the settings menu?

13.04.2024 17:31

I wasn't around back then but I have the impression that there might have been some legal problems in the past.

The game had original titles originally but it seems that had to be changed almost "over night". https://github.com/TVTower/TVTower/commit/0ae726ce7f7e84a0c7a68493f2459fd42b8cd58a#diff-3924a6f9ccf9510f8df2322b8571683d2d9815cc2c06476d602da4ecaf717d64

I think in the US this might fall into "fair use", and the Spanish game "Empire TV Tycoon" also seems to use original titles without problems, but maybe the legal situation in Germany is different. Or it's just that anyone can sue anyone about anything and you have to get a lawyer then, and this is just precaution to be on the safer side.

Anyway, because the original data is contained in the files as well, users can help themselves if they want to play with original titles.

08.04.2024 18:51

I noticed in database_programmes.xml that you have both the original title and a fake title for all movies, and you use the fake title.  Why is this?  Are you really worried about being sued or something, as a fan-made project?  lol