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actual state at the TVG-frontline

Sorry, mainly german news providing I just forgot to write some exciting news for non-german-readers.

What's new? What's expected to come? What's about a demo?

At the moment players are able to (also able to do when playing a networkgame): set, change, remove programmes in the programmeplanner. To set adblocks whose contracts can be taken from the ad-agency. Buying movies in the movie-agency. (up to now not when playing networkgames) Setting the subscriptionlevels of news-genres and so placing the upcoming news in the newsstudio. Using the elevator and its roomboard. Changing the roomsigns of the roomboard when visiting the roomboard itself (0th floor). Looking at some fancy financial statistics. Buying new station-antennas for extending the audience-reach. Each programme which has been sent had a calculated audience and afterwards the topicality of the programme is decreased, so the next  time the audience will be less then before.

When selling movies (taken from the archive) works in network and solomode and news are also synchronized over the network.. A demo may come for you to download - up to now only with german programme/contract and news-data. The Interfacelanguage (roomnames, tooltipps...) could be translated for having external language files.

The Databasecontent will have to be changed manually (placed in an xml-file) or you will have to wait for a multilingual onlineditor which is now in the process of being created...

bye Ron



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Re: actual state at the TVG-frontline

Thanks for updating the non-german speaking page! gw_smiley_zwinkern
I keep following this project for quite some time now... I DID see the German news, and so I realized the project was still alive. However, I couldn't understand a single word, hehe!
I really enjoyed playing the original MadTV game, and it seems TVGigant will be much better, not only in graphics, but also in options and playability! I look forward to playing this game!
By the way, english is not my native language. It's Spanish. So, if you are ever going to do some translation stuff, count me in for helping out!
Great job man!


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