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09.02.2020 14:15

Bad action movies might be "good" in terms of being action movies - so pacing is right etc.
The "outcome" then defines if it was a cheesy flick or a blockbuster.


30.01.2020 16:43

the problem is speed

Being a non-quantifiable value it is difficult to establish.

for example

if action has 90 speed
and drama is 70

bad action movies will have the same impact as good drama movies

30.01.2020 11:18

critics speed and outcome ... they are values defining how good a movie would be for a given "genre".

critics: here you could mix up tmdb/imdb/rottentomatoes... values (more the user ratings than of some limited "press ratings")

speed: the pace of a movie - dunno how to automate this, maybe by having some "genre" value and then multiply a bit with a ratings based value (so good action movies have higher "speed" - as speed is important for action movies)

outcome: the total gross (compared to budget, if available) can be a good indicator

targetgroups, pressuregroups: skip that / leave as default - it is used to specify "discrepances" (eg a "adult toon movie" would have adjusted target groups, or a "erotic movie for women" - it would attract more women than the average erotic movie).

As you seem to automatically create the DB at the end:
- you can adjust calculated values afterwards

- if you can: create some fake titles/names as we could not officially ship a DB with original names. You could even have done this in a way to allow "manual" fakes (so have a file which contains eg.

IMDBID tab lang tab newTitle

Your tool then loads this file and would replace accordingly (and if the language was not found but a "en" variant exists you might use that for all other languages too.

PS: Nice to hear that you are interested in doing such a thing!


26.01.2020 12:15

Hello friends, I am preparing a very extensive database of movies (800 +/-) in 6 languages based on real data and statistics (imdb, box office, etc.)
To do this, I would need to know exactly what they mean or how it affects:

groups target_groups=""

If they could be as detailed as possible, it would be appreciated.

Regards, I hope you encourage me to finish soon

translated by Google.