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Latest Changes:
2015/05/08: fixed SFX-channel-pan
2015/04/16: added offline/online-Highscore
2015/04/16: added localization support (no flags yet...)
2015/04/16: fixed various "grid checks"
2015/04/14: added "Time Turtle"
2015/04/10: added production line direction-variation
2015/04/10: added production line speed-variation
2015/04/05: added simple gui for playername
2015/03/20: added "best" and "speed" OSD
2015/03/20: fixed stopped speed increase (forgot to reset value for new games)
2015/03/17: re-enabled "blocking elements" (some plants, rocks) - totally forgot about them :p
2015/03/17: fixed formula checking for "dead ends"
2015/03/17: added production lines now correctly consider simultaneously added lines other lanes
2015/03/17: jumping is done faster (unreal :p) with higher speed (lowers difficulty)
2015/03/16: added monkey-x logo (and my digidea.de logo)