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Bubble Hero 2
written and tested by: Ronny
You like thos fluffy, huggy figures out of console-games (nintendo, sega...)? If it’s so: download this game! This game from the far east provides comicflair without violence, so it’s a perfect game for young or youngstayed gamers.
After you decided wether to play alone or together with a friend, you can choose out of 4 sweet beings. After this, the game starts:
By pressing the right key, our small cuties will send a bubble through the level. If those bubbles contact the bad boys in the levels, those dudes will be captured in this bubble and you can jump on them without danger. This is similar for the end bosses, although you have to send your bubbles against a wall, so the included stars in the bubbles will be free and then they fly around in the level and they may hit the end boss.
Bubble Hero 2 provides a game for young and old - and that’s so, because the game shows no violence and it’s just a cute comicstyle. But experiences gamers may finish the game in a short time.
If there’s a level which is to hard for you, or you don’t have time for continue playing, every completed level provides you with a password for continueing there.

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